Tomislav Bišof

Lead Frontend Engineer

Who am I?

I'm a Lead Frontend Engineer with over 8 years of experience located in The Hague, Netherlands. I have a good eye for UI design and value creativity, minimalism and providing a pleasant user experience. I like to keep my projects well-structured, clean and scalable, and always take time to critically look at past decisions and actively improve existing code.

In my role, I aim to steer product development towards good technical decisions, promote team harmony and provide an innovative mindset that helps translate ideas into prototypes and solutions. I usually participate to some degree in product management and team leadership, even though my strength is being a contributor with high productivity.

I am comfortable working and communicating in distributed teams and prefer remote-first companies.

Where have I worked?

Remote / Rotterdam, NL (Jul 2020 - Present)


Lead Frontend Engineer - Full-time

Working on frontend projects and helping manage a small team of frontend developers. Includes:

  • Engineering platform written with React, TypeScript and MUI.
  • Website written with Next.js, TypeScript and Styled Components.
  • Documentation written with Docusaurus.
The Hague, NL (Nov 2019 - Jun 2020)


Senior Frontend Engineer - Full-time

Working in a small team or individually on projects related to marketing campaigns and client websites.

  • Various projects written with React, Next.js, Styled Components, Contentful and GraphQL.
  • Exploration and development of a custom order processing application that integrates with Shopify.
The Hague, NL (Sep 2018 - Oct 2019)


Senior Frontend Engineer - Full-time

Establishing a dedicated frontend team and working on projects related to digital identities.

  • Building a document signing platform with React, Redux and Styled Components.
  • Developing a company design system and component library.
  • Rebuilding the corporate website with Gatsby.
  • Helping lead the scrum team and handling some product owner responsibilities.
Zagreb, HR (Jan 2017 - Aug 2018)


Senior Frontend Engineer - Full-time

Helping set up the Croatian branch of the company, establishing a frontend team and working on planning and development of new platforms for transactional email and SMS.

  • Developing a transactional email management platform with Angular 2+, and the related website with server-side templating.
  • Developing an SMS communication platform with React, Redux and Styled Components.
  • Helping out with team lead and product manager responsibilities.
Zagreb, HR (May 2015 - Aug 2018)

BBDO Proximity

Full-stack Web Developer - Full-time/Freelance

Starting out as a web developer and working on various web projects related to marketing campaigns for various Croatian brands. Switching to freelance from Jan 2017 to continue developing new projects and maintaining existing ones until a new team was assembled.

  • Using jQuery, SASS and GSAP to build websites.
  • Using AngularJS to create web applications.
  • Developing micro-backends to support web applications with the Slim framework.
  • Creating HTML5 banners.
  • Creating responsive email templates.
  • Maintaining websites based on WordPress and Umbraco CMS.

Where did I study?


Osijek, HR (2011 - 2014)

Master's Degree in Computer Science (Process Computing and Automatization)


Osijek, HR (2007 - 2011)

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (General Computer Science)

Get in touch

I might or might not be looking at this time. If I am, I am mainly interested in remote-first companies that have a well-structured development process and focus on long-term product development.

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can do so through Linkedin or .

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